For as long as I can remember, I have loved classic cars, in particular Mustangs. The thrill of seeing, and hearing, an old muscle car drive by has always been exhilarating. My dream of owning a classic car came true in 2020 when I purchased a 1970 Mustang coupe. Her name is Raven Black, named after one of the paint colour options used with the first generation Mustangs. My car was originally Dark Ivy Green but later painted black. I’m so grateful that circumstances in my life allowed me to fulfill this dream.

Being a woman and not having any knowledge of engine maintenance has meant a search for a good mechanic, one who is willing and knowledgeable to work with classic cars. Not an easy feat as I quickly found out. This has not hindered my dedication to owning an old car. You don’t have to be a mechanic, or a man, to own an old classic! The enjoyment I get from driving my Mustang is worth all the maintenance and restrictions that an old car has versus owning a new vehicle.

Cruising in my Mustang, especially during the pandemic, was a lifesaver and brought me so much joy. I have met so many wonderful people at the local car clubs and I was surprised to learn how many clubs there are in Ontario, especially Mustang clubs! There are many women members in the Mustang groups but it’s still a predominately male-focused hobby especially when it comes to the old classics. Hopefully this will change.

Since owning my car, I started to search for cool products with the Mustang logo. I quickly realized that there were not many items to purchase, and many products were geared towards men. I custom ordered a few shirts and a unique Mustang bag but wondered why there were not more products and gifts available.

Hence the creation of my business, Women Love Muscle Cars II. Products are geared towards all muscle cars and provides many options for apparel and gifts for men and women. It’s fun to show off your love of cars with a little bling!

I hope you enjoy looking through the products I’ve designed. Please reach out if you have a custom order and I’d be happy to create something unique just for you.

– Janine Tucker